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March 21st, 2015

spring_cleaning_bin_rental.jpgMinimalism is the new thing, and this means it’s time to haul out all the things you haven’t used in the past year (or, face it, in the past ten years) and start fresh. Now is the time! Spring is in the air! There are bins to be rented! There is space to be cleaned! 

Ok, so you will probably never be able to reduce your wardrobe to a palsy thirty items, but you can try, right? Give it a go! We have bins lined up ready to readily accept all of the old sweaters and pants that you have been hanging onto because you planned to cut them up and turn them into a patchwork quilt. It’s not going to happen! Say goodbye to the mite farm, there’s a bin with their name on them! 

New let’s have a look in the cupboards. Really? Do you need all of those old sheets? Keep one or two for a time when you might just need to paint the hallway, but other than that – out! Out! Out! 

Oh man, the garage. It’s so full I can’t even open the door. Is there a gnome living back there, eating crackers in the far corner? Time to clear out the garage. Broken things! So many of them! Isn’t that the Rattan couch that Aunt Farley gave you a million years ago? It looks like an oversized swallows nest. It must go! The old fake Christmas tree collection too. It needs to move on. And yes, there’s a bin for that! 

You can rent a bin to move old tires, to get rid of drywall, even for old appliances and furniture. Spring 2015 is the time, and if you need it, we’ve got a bin for it! And don't forget, we recycle!

With our innovative approach to recycling and disposal, we are proud to say that Blitz Junk Removal is the only organization in British Columbia to colour coordinate our disposal bins with the sizes.  Give us a call!